Register A Student

To register your child(ren) in our District for grades PreK-12, you can either pre-register by clicking here, or contact the District Registrar to schedule an appointment.

Required documents to bring to your registration appointment

  1. Child's Original Birth Certificate (or certified copy) or Other Acceptable Document (contact the Registrar for additional information)

  2. Child's Immunization Record & Last Physical

  3. Three (3) Proofs of Residence

  4. Custody / Guardianship/ Restraining Order Documents (if applicable)

Other Documents

  1. List of District accepted documents for Proof of Residency

  2. Health History

  3. FERPA Notice

  4. Code of Conduct

  5. Elementary School Student & Parent Handbook

  6. Jr/Sr High School Student & Parent Handbook

  7. A Parent’s Guide to Special Education in New York State for Children Ages 3–21 (NYSED)

  8. District BOE Policies (including Attendance Policy, Sexual Harrassment Policies, & Discrimination Policies)

  9. Immunization Laws and Regulations for Schools 

  10. A Guide to School Registration (NYSED)

  11. Laptop Contract

  12. District Census Information Form (required for all school-age residents of Taconic Hills who do not attend our public schools)

Additional Items For Transferring Students
Authorization for Release or Transfer of Records 

Karen Regina
District Registrar
(518) 325-2806
Fax: (518) 325-2893