Nurse and Health Office

The school nurse provides a variety of health services to students. Among other things, the school nurse assists students who become ill or are injured at school, screens students for vision and hearing problems, scoliosis and blood pressure problems, and periodically records student height and weight. The nurse maintains medical records such as immunization histories for students and can assist families in obtaining health insurance for children.

In cases of emergency, the school nurse will first try to contact parents and advise them to contact their child's doctor. If the parents are not available, she will proceed with further emergency procedures.

Student Accident Insurance: Though not required to, Taconic Hills Central School District carries student accident insurance. This is not health insurance, but rather supplemental coverage.

Medication: Medical care given to students, beyond the basic first aid administered in school, remains the parent’s responsibility. Medication, regardless of whether it is prescription, must be brought to the school nurse. The nurse will dispense any prescribed medication per written order of a physician and a parent’s written request. Prescription medications must be provided to the nurse in original containers.

Non-prescription medications such as cough medicine or aspirin can only be given to students by written order of a physician and a parent’s request as well.

Students are not permitted to take any medication on their own during the school day. All medications must be given by the nurse.

Please notify the school nurse if your child is taking medication at home and your physician has recommended limited physical activity. A physician’s note is required for any exemption from physical education classes for any period of time beyond a few days.

Immunizations: The school cooperates with the Public Health Department in carrying out a complete immunization program in school. Parents are urged to keep updated records of their child’s immunizations. Unless these immunization records are complete, the school has the right and responsibility to exclude children from school.

Elementary School Nurse's Office
Phone: 518.325.2855
Fax: 518.325.2856

Jr/Sr High School Nurse's Office
Phone: 518.325.2857
Fax: 518.325.2858

Nurse's Hours 7:35 am - 4:00 pm