Before & After School Program

The Taconic Hills Before And After School Activity Program offers recreation and entertainment for your child before and after school from September through June. Your child will experience fun and exciting activities with the opportunity to meet new friends.  Most importantly, your child will remain active!
Open to children in grades Kindergarten through Grade 6

"Please, come and stay & play with us!"


Hello TH Families!!

I just wanted to introduce myself to those families who do not know me...My name is Colleen W. Miller, and I am a Teachers’ Assistant with 28 years of experience here at THCSD. Before I became the program’s coordinator, I truly enjoyed working at the program for many years prior to my title change. I believe in this program. I believe it is essential to our area, and to our hard working parents/guardians. I believe in Happy, Healthy & Safe children and have made those words our program’s motto! I know each child is different and will do my best to nurture their individual wellness; physically, emotionally and socially. I believe that if a child is taught and treated with respect, in return they will treat each other,
myself & my staff with that same respect. My husband and I have raised three beautiful daughters, and we have one awesome grandson! I am one of 7 individually spirited siblings, living all over our grand USA, who were all raised by my incredibly hard working parents, too! In closing, please let me assure you, that our program will be in compliance with health and safety codes. Please, let me know if you have any questions. Email is the easiest and quickest way for me to return any and all questions & concerns. Enjoy the rest of your summer, and may it continue to be Happy, Healthy, & Safe.

Thank You!

Colleen W. Miller
TH K-2 Teachers' Assistant
Coordinator TH Before & After School Program

Colleen Miller
Before & After School
Program Coordinator