Shared Decision Making

What is Shared Decision Making?

New York State requires that every school district adopt a plan for Shared Decision Making. The purpose of Shared Decision Making is the consideration and development of policy and program changes for recommendation to the Board of Education, with input from members of the district’s community, for the ultimate purpose of improving student performance.

A broad range of topics is appropriate for consideration, including curriculum, budget/funding, school climate, communication, student needs, staff/community education, etc. – just about anything other than issues pertaining to the individual student, parent or faculty/staff.

Each school building in the Taconic Hills Central School District seeks meaningful involvment from all stakeholders to review and support building plans and decisions. Shared Decision Making Committees meet regularly throughout the school year.

What can be discussed at a Shared Decision Making Committee meeting?

The building and district committees are empowered to consider issues related to student performance. All of the issues should also relate to the District’s vision, mission, goals, and implementation of related objectives. All decisions will be made with regard to federal, state, local laws and policies. Matters of confidentiality involving staff, students, parents, etc. will not be referenced or discussed

Who can attend a Shared Decision-Making meeting?

All Building Team meetings will be open to stakeholder groups and the public. 

A copy of the Shared Decision Making Plan can be viewed under the Board of Education Plans section of our website.