The mission of the Taconic Hills School District is to be a center of learning for students and community alike, by using 21st century tools and providing opportunities to motivate, engage, and encourage individuals to rise to their full potential as contributing members of society.


  1. In order to cultivate an engaged and active school board, we will strive to broaden and strengthen our visibility and involvement through participation in school, and community events, professional development, and commitment of the time and energy necessary to be informed and effective leaders.

  2. Promote and support stimulating student centered learning that ensures that our students possess the academic and social skills necessary for the 21st century.

  3. Provide high quality professional development, support a culture of teacher leadership and collaboration while increasing measurable outcomes.

  4. Encourage involvement of all stakeholders to fully participate in the process of schooling by soliciting and giving attention to concerns and opinions of groups and individuals. Promote parental engagement.

  5. Maintain responsible fiscal practices that balance the educational needs of students with the interest of taxpayers.


  • Increase graduation rate, 4 year 88% (6 students), 5 year 90% (2 students), 6 year 92% (2 students)

  • Increase average proficiency level by .4 at the elementary in reading, writing, and mathematics (40 students per cohort will exceed more than a year’s worth of growth)

  • Reduce by 10% the number of students who have 18 or more absences per year (33 students)

  • 75% of all students will pass all of their classes (5 more students per class, 30 students total)

  • 100% of our 5-12 students are connected with at least one adult at THCSD (100 students*)

* Estimated from 2018 District Climate Survey results