Home Learning

The Taconic Hills Central School District is focusing on a plan that will bring students back to in-person learning with social distancing, required masks, increased ventilation and air filtering, block scheduling to promote “podding” of students, and smaller classes. Our district is fortunate that the building was originally designed for over 2,000 students. We currently have 1,225 registered students, which makes social distancing easier to accomplish than at other schools. 

We have been working closely with Needham and Associates, our Health and Safety consultants to put together a comprehensive plan for a safe return to school. However, we fully recognize there are no absolutes to containing the virus. Educationally, the best option is to have students here on campus being instructed by their teachers. We believe that by following proper health and safety protocols we can make this happen. We do understand parents’ concerns and we are listening. We know this is a difficult decision, as many of us are parents of children who attend Taconic Hills for their education. 

With this in mind, parents who wish to have their child participate in education by remote means can use the district-provided laptop to complete the same requirements as a student in person, if they choose. The District will require a letter/email from the parent/guardian by 4:00PM on August 17th stating the student will participate remotely for the 1st quarter only (September 10th to November 13th). 

The remote student must be motivated and highly disciplined to be successful in this type of setting and Parents/Guardians will play a vital role in a successful experience for their children. 

If that is your choice, please send the letter/email to the principal of your child’s grade level listed below:

Gulisane, John JGulisane@taconichills.k12.ny.us (Grades PreK - 4)
D'Amico, Mary MDAmico@taconichills.k12.ny.us (Grades 5 - 8)
Buhrmaster, James JBuhrmaster@taconichills.k12.ny.us (Grades 9-12)

A decision to extend remote learning past the 1st quarter will be made at a later date. The District will continue to follow the metrics as prescribed by NYS and the local Department of Health to make decisions about how to proceed with educational plans. Additionally, we will be hosting information sessions over the coming days to provide more information to our parents, faculty and staff, and community members.

Dr. Neil L. Howard, Jr.
Superintendent of Schools
Taconic Hills Central School District