Apply for Funding

Teachers, community members, parents, educators, and cultural and educational institutions are encouraged to apply for grant funding for arts and humanities projects that enhance the educational experience of Taconic Hills public school students.  

Projects eligible for funding include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • High quality, professional artists/artistic companies of all disciplines (music, theater, dance, literature, visual arts, media arts, history, social sciences) in residence to work or present performances, readings or projects in Taconic Hills;

  • Scholars in any humanities discipline in residence; 

  • Field trips for students to attend performances, exhibitions or projects of significant quality;

  • Projects that provide individual instruction or training by professional caliber artists/scholars;

  • Equipment for special projects not normally funded by the school budget;

  • Commissions for artists or professionals in the humanities to engage in a project with the Taconic Hills community; 

  • Professional development or teacher training programs that use the arts and humanities to enhance the skills of the existing faculty and allow the district to attract and retain the best teachers.

The arts and humanities are broadly defined and include all cultural and humanities disciplines.  

Projects funded by the E-Fund cover a broad range of disciplines including:  science, math, farming, engineering, technology, arts and humanities, character education and more.   The application form is the same for each fund.
Grant cycles take place on a yearly basis and awards range from $100-$3000.  The grant application deadline is usually scheduled in November each year and the process entails an easy on-line application which can be found on the website of the Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation.  All applicants not affiliated with the District are required to obtain a sign off on the application from a representative of the school in which the project is proposed.

Click here to apply and learn more about project criteria.  Search for “Taconic Hills Arts and Humanities and E-Fund.”

Grants Awarded

Grants 2017-2018 

Pascal RIOULT Dance Theatre Residency
Fashion Retailing Co-Curricular Project
Fencing Club
Therapeutic Art & Mind Center
Millay’s World & Mine
Taconic Hills Key Club
Bronx Zoo Trip
Operation Wallacea
Fall Festival of Shakespeare
Animal Kindness/Animal Club

Grants 2013-2014 

Fall Festival of Shakespeare                                                             
Chinese Sister School Visit                                                               
MLK Day: Diversity Speaker                                                                       
Operation Wallacea Science Research                                                        
Pascal Rioult Dance Theatre Program                                                        
Chamber Theatre Productions                                                          
Enrichment Activities for the Summer Program                                         
Bystander Project                                                                   

Grants 2012-2013 

Fall Festival of Shakespeare                                                             
Pascal RIOULT Dance Theatre                                                                  
Life on the Farm: Original Musical                                                   
Career Night in the Arts   
Jason and the Argonauts Program at the Mahaiwe