Fitness Center Rules

  1. Complete and have on file all paper work associated with the American College of Sports Medicine pre-activity screening.

  2. Orientation by the Fitness Assistant must be completed before using the Fitness Center.

  3. Children must be in grade seven or above to use the Fitness Center except in connection with a Taconic Hills Physical Education class. Students in grade seven are required to have orientation in Physical Education class before using the fitness center.

  4. Taconic Hills Pool & Fitness Center reserves the right to withdraw or suspend user privileges either temporarily or permanently from any individual or family member who, in management's opinion, has conducted themselves in a manner detrimental to the legitimate interests of the Taconic Hills Central School District .

  5. Except for the use of water bottles, eating or drinking is not permitted.

  6. Use of personal audio equipment with headphones is permissible. Individuals may not play audio equipment so that it is audible to other patrons. Airing of any room-wide music or other programs will be at the sole discretion of the Fitness Center Attendant.

  7. Observe proper lifting techniques. If unsure, ask the Fitness Center Assistant. Please note that the Fitness Center Assistants are not certified physical trainers.

  8. Collars must be used with all free weights.

  9. All weights should be neatly stacked after use.

  10. Re-rack and reset all weights and machines and properly wipe down equipment after use.

  11. Use sign-in procedures for cardiovascular equipment and limit your workout to 20 minutes.

  12. Wear proper attire: shirts, pants or shorts, and sneakers. Bare feet, thongs or sandals are prohibited.

  13. All workouts are at the users own risk.

  14. In case of fire alarm or power failure, EVERYONE MUST LEAVE THE BUILDING IMMEDIATELY and report to the tennis court area to ensure that all individuals are accounted for. The Receptionist will utilize sign in records to ensure that all individuals have exited the building.

  15. Taconic Hills Pool & Fitness Center reserves the right to add, alter or rescind from time to time such rules and regulations, as it deems necessary. Such changes shall take effect immediately after posting.

  16. Every effort will be made to accommodate the Pool & Fitness Center regular schedule of use; however, there will be instances (special events and athletic events) in which part or all of the Pool & Fitness Center will be used for School District purposes. Changes will normally be posted in advance of these instances.

  17. In order to support your health and well being, non-therapeutic drugs and alcohol are strictly prohibited.

  18. Smoking is strictly prohibited on the Taconic Hills campus, including all grounds.

  19. Taconic Hills' property, including towels, must remain within the Aquatic Center area. Fees will be assessed for any lost or missing items.

  20. Private locks are allowed for day use only; they should not be left on a locker overnight.

  21. Taconic Hills cannot be held responsible for loss of valuables.

  22. A Fitness Assistant must be on duty at all times during Community Use periods.

  23. Taconic Hills employees may not use the Fitness Center during their workday.