Taconic Hills Elementary School

Grades PreK-6

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Elementary School

Laura Backlund
Elementary Co-Principal (Grades PK-3)

Mary D'Amico
Elementary Co Principal (Grades 4-6)

The Elementary School offers Universal Prekindergarten classes (UPK) and grades K – 6. Students are taught in the areas of English Language Arts (ELA), mathematics, social studies, science, physical education, art, music, library skills and technology.

Through our reading program, LEAD 21, we offer a balanced literacy program that focuses on shared, independent and guided reading. Our literacy block includes both whole group and differentiated, small group instruction. Reading instruction focuses on phonemic awareness, phonics, read aloud sessions, decoding strategies, fluency and comprehension. Writing instruction may include journals, reading logs, story writing, letter writing, poetry, drama and other age appropriate projects.

Early literacy is supported in grades K – 2 through our use of Fundations, an adaptation of the Wilson Reading System. Fundations focuses on phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary and fluency. Fundations is intended to provide all students with a foundation in reading, spelling and writing in a manner that is highly participatory and fun for children.

Mathematics and Science classes include a full range of learning experiences including hands on-learning such as projects (home and in-school) and experiments to field trips and assemblies.

Social Studies topics vary according to grade level, but the curriculum focuses on history, geography, economics, civics, citizenship and government. Family and communities as well as local, state, and national history are common themes.

At times, assemblies, field trips and “artists in residence” are scheduled to reinforce concepts taught in one or more of the academic areas.

Students also experience classes in physical education, music and art that often support concepts taught in the classroom. Our elementary school values physical fitness and the arts. Students are given opportunities to participate in a wide variety of activities, including school-wide incentive programs aimed at improving health and fitness. Concerts and exhibits are held at certain times during the year to allow our students to share their musical and artistic talents with the community. Students in grades K – 6 currently have physical education classes three times a week as well as art and music classes weekly. At present, beginning in 5th grade, students may choose to participate in instrumental music study and performance (band).

Our Library/Media Center is utilized by teachers to encourage reading and to expose students to diverse literature, inquiry based learning and research techniques including web searches and the use of the latest that technology offers.

Instruction in technology is left primarily in the hands of our classroom teachers supported by our Library/Media Specialist and members of our instructional technology staff. The elementary school has two computer labs as well as computer workstations available to students in nearly every classroom.