Welcome to the web page of the Office of Instruction and Staff Development in the Taconic Hills Central School District.  As a district, we are committed to improving the achievement of all our students and preparing our students to enter our ever-changing society with the adaptability and compensatory skills for success.  Educational research identifies two of the most important factors present in successful school districts.  These factors are the provision of equitable access to a rich, rigorous curriculum and caring, qualified teachers.  The personnel of this office are dedicated to working closely with all of our constituency groups to ensure that these factors are present and promoted.  Throughout the school year, we will post periodic instructional updates regarding student assessment, district achievement data, curriculum initiatives and staff development.
Assisting me in my work in Taconic Hills is a very talented and dedicated group of professionals who serve on our Professional Development Committee, Writing Curriculum Committee, Instructional Curriculum Committee, Assessment Committee, Mentor Coordinators and Terri Hoffman, District Data Coordinator/School Improvement Analyst.  This group is responsible for review and revision of the professional development plan, the work of curriculum development and mapping, supporting and providing mentoring for new teachers, and for identifying and supporting the implementation of professional development. 

As questions arise about instruction-related topics, I will try to answer them here on this webpage.  I welcome your questions and comments about our work – you can e-mail me at  Together we will make the commitment that every student will have the right, accept the responsibility, and be provided with the means to grow educationally, socially, and emotionally.

Thank you for the opportunity to become part of your school district as an instructional leader.  I am looking forward to learning with you as we begin our partnership together.  I join your district with over 20 years of experience in education.  This experience has spanned time in a parochial system as well as three public school systems.  My passion has been to serve rural school districts with strong agricultural roots.  I grew up in a similar school district and have always been thankful for my childhood experiences as a student and 4-H’er that developed a life-long love for learning.  My teaching experience includes time spent at multiple grade levels K-8 and in multiple subject matters such as remedial math and early intervention. My family is in the process of relocating to the area.  My husband Jim and I have three sons, one who will be entering college in the fall and the other two will be students at Taconic Hills in the middle school and the elementary school.

B.S. Cornell University
M.B.A. Niagara University
M.Ed. Niagara University

S.D.A. Certification
N, K, Gr.1-6 Elem. Ed. New York State Teacher Certification
Business and Distributive New York State Teacher Certification
7-9 Math Certification New York State Teacher Certification

Administrative Experience:
Principal K-2 building, 415 students
Principal Pre K-5 building, 450 students

Teaching Experience:
Grades K, 1, 2, 5, 7, 8
Early Intervention Specialist Gr. K-2
20 years of experience in education

Honors/Related Experiences:
Past President Cornell University College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Alumni Association
UAW-GM Quality Educator Lead Teacher
Orleans-Niagara Teacher Center Business and Industry Intern
Western New York Professional Leadership Academy
Kappa Delta Pi Honor Society for Academic Excellence in Education Studies

Sandra Gardner
Director of Instruction & Staff Development