Join The Claverack, Philmont and Roe-Jan Libraries in conjunction with the Taconic Hills School District in reading:


Weekly activities that correspond with the book will be held at all three libraries on the following Thursdays at 6:30pm:

February 27th @ RoeJan Library Tornado Terror

Dorothy had an adventure due to a tornado. Help us make tornadoes in a bottle and learn all about dangerous weather!

March 5th @ Claverack Library Rockin’ Rainbows

Hands on fun with light and colors! Prisms, Flashlights and imagination… OH MY!

March 12th @ Philmont Library Corroding Tin Man

Learn the science of corrosion. We can speed up or deter the process of rusting metal so that our metal objects don’t go the way of the Tin Man.

March 19th @ Roe-Jan Library Painting Poppies

Dorothy , Tin Man, Scarecrow and Lion fell asleep there. Get ready to paint your own magical field of poppies!Wear your crafting clothes. 

March 26th @Philmont Library Hot Air Balloons

The Wizard and Dorothy left Oz in a hot air balloon. We will make floating lanterns and learn the science behind what makes them rise.

April 2nd @ Claverack Library Finale Celebration

Enjoy the film “The Wizard of Oz” on our 85 inch screen. Oz themed snacks will be served.  Door prize of the entire Oz book set by Frank L. Baum.