5:15 Bus Routes

Philmont Route:
Route leaves THCSD @ 5:15, proceeds down County Route 11A to County Route 27 and into Churchtown (CHURCHTOWN FIREHOUSE). At County Route 27 and 27B turn right and follow into Hollowville (HOLLOWVILLE POST OFFICE) at County Route 16 and Hollowville Trailer Park and bear left, go to Route 23, head west, at Route 217 turn right and follow into Philmlont (FAMILY DOLLAR). Go through Philmont, stay on Route 217, go through Harlemville (HAWTHORNE VALLEY), County Route 21 (INTERSECTION WITH ROUTE 22), Route 22 South, follow to Route 23, head west, and return to THCSD.

Ancram Route:
Route leaves THCSD @ 5:15, proceeds east on Route 23 to Route 22 South (CCSO SUB STATION), turn onto Route 22 South, turn onto Route 344 (COPAKE FALLS POST OFFICE), then continue on Route 22 South, turn right into Route 7A to Copake Clock, follow Route 7A to Route 22 South to Route 22 and County Route 3 (AMERISTOP). Turns around and heads back towards Copake, stops at (COPAKE FIRE DEPT), turns around and heads to West Copake, stops at (COPAKE CAMPING RESORT) and then onto Ancram (ANCRAM FIRE DEPT). Turns around and continues on County 7 towards Copake Lake back to THCSD.

Drop off may be made anywhere along the direct route. If a student lives on the direct route they will be dropped off. The bold drop off locations are to be used as reference points for your closest drop off location if you are not located along the route.

Transportation Department
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Supervisor of Transportation

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5:15 Bus Routes