Proposed Budget Documents for Fiscal Year 2024 - 2025

Information regarding the 2024-2025 proposed budget will be released as it becomes available.

"Traditional Budget Approach"

Section 1:

A. Overview

B. Three Part Component Analysis & Administrative Salary and Benefits Disclosure Statement  [SED required]

C. Budget Detail

Section 2:

Tax Exemption Impact Report (NYS Real Property Assessor's Report - Prior Year File)

RP495- Instructions for Application for Local Government Exemption Impact Report (2/14/2024)

A. S495 Exemption Impact Report District Summary (Percent of Value Exempted) (2/14/2024)

B. S495 Exemption Impact Report District Detail (Individual Municipalities) (2/14/2024)

Section 3:

NYS School Report Card (All Reports)

A. Student Data (NYSED)

Enrollment Data

3-8 ELA Assessment Data

3-8 Math Assessment Data

English Language Learners Data

 B. School Data (NYSED)

School Report Card

Fiscal Supplement

High School Graduation Rate

Section 4:

Financial Transparency Report

"Cost Center Approach"

Section 1:

A. Enrollment Projections

B. Monthly Enrollment & Enrollment Detail (1/26/2024)

Section 2:

Projected Class Size Averages

Section 3:

Special Education

Section 4:

Payroll & Benefits

Section 5:

Stipend Summary

Section 6:

A. Transportation

B. Vehicle Purchases

Section 7:

Buildings & Grounds

Section 8:


Section 9:

BOCES COSERS (Projected Services Request)

Section 10:


Section 11:

Revenues Projected (In addition to Tax Levy)

A. State Aid (Detail) (2/8/2024)

B. Projected Revenues

C. State Aid Factors (2/8/2024)

Section 12:

Final Proposed Tax Levy – based upon Board of Education Projected Budget

Section 13:

Tax Levy Changes - Historical Patterns

Section 14:

Contingency Budget & Impact on Voters

Other Budget Information

1. Budget Calendar (11/29/2023)

2. Tax Levy Limit & Budget Overview

3. Budget Update and Tax Levy Options

4. Budget Adoption and Tax Levy Options

5. Property Tax Report Card [SED required]

6. Public Hearing on Budget

7. Budget Notice

8. Titan Herald – Spring Budget Issue

9. Budget Vote Results