Budget Documents for Fiscal Year 2020 - 2021

"Traditional Budget Approach"

Section 1:

Three Part Budget (Administrative, Program, Capital)

A. Overview

B. Three Part Component Analysis & Administrative Salary and Benefits Disclosure Statement [SED required]

C. Budget Detail

Section 2:

Tax Exemption Impact Report (NYS Real Property Assessor's Report - Prior Year File)

A. S495 Exemption Impact Report District Summary (Percent of Value Exempted)

B. S495 Exemption Impact Report District Detail (Individual Municipalities)

Section 3:

"Cost Center Approach"

Section 1:

 A.  Enrollment Projections (06/09/2020)

 B.  Monthly Enrollment & Enrollment Detail (06/05/2020)

Section 2:

 A.  Projected Class Size Averages (02/12/2020)

 B.  Staffing PreK-12 (as of date)

Section 3:

Section 4:

Payroll & Benefits (03/26/2020)

Section 5:

Stipend Summary (05/18/2020)

Section 6:

A. Transportation (03/04/2020)

Vehicle Purchases (03/04/2020)

Section 7:

A. Buildings & Grounds (03/03/2020)

Repair Reserve Update (03/04/2020)

Section 8:

 Technology (03/04/2020)

Section 9:

 BOCES COSERS (Projected Services Request) (03/24/2020)

Section 10:

 Athletics (05/15/2020)

Section 11:

 Revenues Projected (In addition to Tax Levy)

 A.  State Aid (Detail)  (01/28/2020)

 B.  State Aid (Detail)  (as of 04/02/2020)

 C.  State Aid (Detail with projected Transportation Aid loss) (as of 04/29/2020)

 D.  Projected Revenues (05/19/2020)

Section 12:

 Tax Levy Worksheet (05/19/2020)

 Tax Impact Exercise with Equalization & Assessment Rates  (05/19/2020)

 Final Proposed Tax Levy – based upon Board of Education Projected Budget (05/19/2020)

Section 13:

Section 14:

Section 15:

Other Budget Information

1.  Budget Calendar

5.Property Tax Report Card [SED required] (as of 05/20/2020)

6.Public Hearing on Budget (06/02/2020)

Proposed Propositions

Proposition #1: 2020 – 2021 Budget
Shall the Board of Education of the Taconic Hills Central School District be authorized to expend the sums set forth in the budget, for the 2020-2021 school year, in the amount of $38,112,800 and to levy the necessary tax therefore?

Proposition #2: Purchase of School Buses
Shall the Board of Education be authorized to: (a) acquire two (2) small buses at a maximum aggregate cost of $120,000; and (b) expend such sums for such purpose from the 2019-2020 unallocated fund balance?

Proposition #3: Election of Board member seats
To elect one (1) member of the Board of Education: one (1) member for a five (5) year term, commencing on July 1, 2020 and expiring on June 30, 2025, to succeed Jeffrey Hotaling.