2019 Grades 3-8 New York State Assessments

Release of Test Questions and Instructional Reports

  • Test questions and instructional reports will be released before the end of the school year. Like the past several years, the State Education Department will release 75-percent of questions from the 2019 tests and the instructional reports for educators on or around June 1. You can view 2018 test questions on EngageNY. (https://www.engageny.org/3-8)

Computer-Based Testing 

  • Computer-based State assessments. Some districts chose to administer the 2019 Grades 3-8 ELA and Math Tests on the computer. The computer-based test will have the same questions as the paper version but students will take the test on a computer, tablet, or Chromebook. 

  • Stronger instructional tools. The State Education Department is helping districts begin to transition to computer-based testing (CBT), which has the potential to make the assessments stronger instructional tools and will make it possible to get test results back sooner. 

  • The move to CBT. The State plans to have additional districts utilize CBT next year. The long-term plan is to have all districts using CBT for annual state tests. 

You can find more information about the State tests on the State Education Department’s website. (http://www.p12.nysed.gov/assessment/ei/eigen.html)

Thank you for your time.

Dr. Neil L. Howard, Jr.
Superintendent of Schools
Taconic Hills Central School District