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Halloween Costume Parade

Dear Parents/Guardians,

The elementary school will be holding our annual Costume Parade for PreK – Grade 3 on Wednesday, 10/31/2018.

Please review the following plans and guidelines:

Those children who would like to participate in our costume parade may bring their costumes to school in a bag or backpack.

Costumes should not include accessories that are of a violent nature such as guns, knives, hatchets, etc. Really gory or frightening costumes should be avoided, as well as costumes that present a tripping hazard. Given that the children will be in costume for just a short period of time, they may wear masks, however, the mask should have eye openings large enough to allow the child to see clearly so as not to trip, etc. Face painting is discouraged as it can smear, get into eyes, and cause skin irritations.

The students will put on their costumes at approximately 1:55 PM and gather in the elementary cafeteria and atrium to prepare to participate in the costume parade. Step off will be at 2:05 PM beginning with the Pre-Kindergarteners followed by Kindergarteners, 1st Graders, 2nd Graders, and 3rd Graders.  Weather permitting, we will exit out our front doors and proceed along the sidewalk to the high school entrance where we will re-enter the building, pass through the HS atrium, turn right and go up the back hallway past the PAC and back to classrooms. If the weather doesn’t cooperate with us, we will march through the back hallway, proceed to the HS entrance, turn around and return to the classrooms.

Parents are welcome to view the parade from the parking lots in front of the school, or in the case of bad weather, parents may view the parade inside near the PAC.

The students should remove their costumes prior to dismissal and place the costumes back into bags/backpacks to bring them home.

Those children who do not wish to participate in the parade may go to the elementary library and remain there with library staff until the activities have ended.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Mr. Gulisane and Ms. D’Amico