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Augmented Reality Sandbox

The school recently developed an Augmented Reality (AR) Sandbox. When sand is moved, topographic lines and water levels adjust in real time. Students can make it rain with a simple hand gesture and a customizable map scale can be used and moved around the surface.
The portable sandbox allows users to create topography models by shaping real sand, which is then augmented in real time by an elevation color map, topographic contour lines, and simulated water. The system teaches geographic, geologic, and hydrologic concepts
The AR Sandbox has already been used as a therapeutic tool to calm down emotionally stressed students (and adults). In the future we hope to expand the capabilities of the table by improving water flow features and exploring volcanic options with the software.
The computer was donated through Donors Choose, a crowd-funding website, facilitated by Technoloy Specialist Ryan Proper. Staff from Buildings and Grounds constructed the physical sandbox, John Dodds and IT programmed the computer, 3D camera, and projector.