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7th Grade Science Fair

We had a wonderful time at the 7th grade Science Fair Thursday! Congratulations to the winners who will be going on to the Twin County Science Expo on Saturday, March 28th at Columbia Greene Community College. The Winners are, in alphabetical order: 

  • Forensics Matter! by Aurora Anderson
  • Solar Oven by Ayden Burger
  • Don’t Feed Your Anxiety Sugar! by Logan Fink
  • Global Warming by Renee Lippolis
  • You Spin Me Right Round! by Riley McDonald
  • The Frightened Grasshopper by Ethan Zacarolli


Also congratulations to the students who received Honorable Mention for all of their hard work: 

  • Pop Rocks and Soda by Kristen Bhagwandin
  • Gravity’s Effect on Plant Growth by Chloe Conway
  • The Perfect Marshmallow by Alexander Goodrich
  • Parachutes in Flight by Jacob Hunter
  • Emotional Contagion? by Mahalia Ingram
  • Homemade Shampoo vs. Store-Bought Shampoo by Madison Manzi