• Dear Parents and Students,

    The Athletic Guide is presented to you because your son or daughter has indicated a desire to participate in interscholastic sports. Your family interest in this phase of our school program is gratifying. We believe that participation in sports provides a wealth of opportunities and experiences which assist students in personal adjustments.

    We, who are concerned with educational development of boys and girls through athletics, feel that a properly controlled, well organized sports program meets the students’ needs for self-expression, mental alertness, and physical growth. It is our hope to maintain a program that is sound in purpose and will further each student’s educational maturity.

    When your son/daughter enlists in one of the school district’s sports programs, we feel that they have committed themselves to certain responsibilities and obligations. The school realizes that in order for these regulations to be adhered to, the athletes must believe in them and discipline themselves to abide by them, sometimes sacrificing personal pleasure for a team to which they have committed themselves. Parents are requested to do all they can to support the athletic code and to help their son or daughter to live up to the code.

    The athletic program is governed by the regulations established by the New York State Commissioner of Education’s Basic Code for extra class athletic activities.

    Taconic Hills Central School District is a member of the New York State Public High School Athletic Association competing as a Class B School in Section 2. Our league affiliation is with the Patroon Conference.

    If there is anything we can do to make your athletic participation a better learning experience, please feel free to contact us at the high school at 325-2896/2897.

    Thank You,
    Athletic Director – Angela Webster
    Assistant Athletic Director-Frank Jause