• School Tool Parent Portal 

    Parent Portal link: https://schooltool7.neric.org/SchoolTool_COPA/

    The Taconic Hills Central School District uses a web-based student management system called SchoolTool.

    This system assists the district in managing its student data, which includes student contact information, attendance and report card grades. SchoolTool also includes a Parent Portal that will increase parent-teacher communication and will enable parents/guardians to review information regarding students and their progress. 

    How Do I Get Access?

    Please complete the Student/Parent Portal Access Request Form to your child's office. This form must be completed in its entirety and returned to the school of attendance along with a copy of your Driver's License, Non-Driver Photo ID Card, or Student ID Card; in order for access to the Student/Parent Portal to be granted.

    How Do I Log In?

    Please follow the instructions on the Student-Parent Portal Tutorial