Working Together

The Board believes that complaints are handled best when resolved as close to their origins as possible. School personnel should be given every opportunity to consider the issues and to resolve the problems. Therefore, please follow the proper channeling of complaints as listed below:

THE TEACHER - If you have a concern or complaint about something in the classroom, you are encouraged to meet with the teacher first. Very often communication at this level will resolve the matter.

THE PRINCIPAL - If your concern is about general school operations and policies, or if meeting with a teacher is either inappropriate or does not help, then you are encouraged to meet with the school principal.

THE SUPERINTENDENT - If your concern involves school district operations generally, or if the teacher and the principal are not able to resolve your problem, you should contact the Superintendent for an appointment. He may be the most appropriate person to respond to your concerns or he may refer you to other district personnel such as the Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction, the Business Administrator, the Food Service or Transportation Supervisor.

THE BOARD OF EDUCATION - If your concern is directly related to Board actions or policy, you can address the Board directly or contact the Superintendent.  If you have a complaint and you have made an attempt to resolve the matter at other levels and have not been satisfied with the response(s), your complaint may be brought to the attention of the Board either by phone, directly at a meeting or through written correspondence. 


Sometimes it’s not clear who best to speak with about resolving a problem or answering a question when more information is needed.

By following the chain of command, parents, students and residents can get questions and concerns addressed in the most efficient manner possible.

Chain of Command