Grade placement is determined by the number of credits completed:

  • To enter grades 8 & 9 — Failure of 2 or more classes may result in retention of current grade.

  • To enter grade 10 - 5 units of credit to include 1 unit of English, 1 unit in Social Studies and 1 unit of either mathematics or science

  • To enter grade 11 – 10 units of credit to include 2 units of English and Social Studies and at least 3 units in the combination of Math and Science

  • To enter grade 12 – 15 units of credit and the ability to graduate in June


Participation in all class activities will be dependent on credits completed.  Students will only be able to participate at their promotion level, i.e. prom, dances, etc.


All classes that have a numerical grade with a potential of earning high school credit are calculated into a student’s grade point average (GPA).  Grades are calculated by the credits associated with the course.  For example,  Physical Education grade 80, and course credit is .25 = value of 20; whereas English has a credit of 1.0 and a grade of 95 = value of 95 and Health has a credit of .5 and a student’s grade is 80 will be counted as a value of 40. These values are divided by the number of credit hours attempted to calculate the overall GPA.

 Students are ranked among their grade level based on their GPA. Beginning in September 2015, courses will be weighted: AP classes 1.04, College level 1.02 and Honors 1.02. Semester classes will be counted as half credit multiplied by the weight. In the event of a tie, both students are listed with the same rank. The next number will be skipped and the following number is given to the next student in line.  Example: two students rank 14th place.  The 15th place is skipped and the next student is ranked 16th place. Students are ranked three times, at the end of the sophomore year September end of the junior year September and after the completion of the fall semester senior year.  Valedictorian and Salutatorian are announced after the fall semester senior year ranking by March.

Counselors submit transcripts to colleges using the end of the year junior rank and GPA. Updated transcripts are sent after the fall semester of the student’s senior year.  Final transcripts are sent to the student’s final college of choice upon graduation.

Parents and students are encouraged to use the Parent/Student Portal to view grades and scores.