In an effort to prepare students to be college and career ready, THCSD is able to offer virtual learning in the form of distance learning, eLearning, and credit-by-examination.  Virtual learning is designed for students who seek an alternative learning environment and are able to function independently of the traditional classroom setting.   Further information and applications regarding these virtual course opportunities for students are available through our High School Counseling Office.  A decision to enter the Virtual Learning Program should be made carefully.  There are three forms, each form requiring more independent, self-motivated and self-directed learning.

 Distance Learning- THCSD offers distance learning courses in our supplement. The class format allows students to interact with teachers and students from other schools by way of TV monitors, video cameras and computers in the distance learning lab here on campus. Students are able to raise their hands to ask a teacher a question no matter where they are located. THCSD is the provider of some courses and the recipient of others.

 eLearning– THCSD has partnered with Marist College and is part of the Greystone Program.  The mission of the Greystone Program is to provide an end-to-end education for eLearning for high school students.  High school students are afforded the opportunities to take the first year college level classes with Marist freshmen and faculty, completely on-line.  Typical classes offered include American Literature, College Writing, World Views and Values, Introduction to Global Issues, Introduction to Statistics, Topics in Biology, Topics in Nutrition, Information and Computer Literacy.

 Helpful Hints for Taking Marist Online Courses

 Register by using


  1. Make sure that you check your email. This is important for announcements and completing any pre-course requirements.

  2. Order any materials (textbooks) you may need.

  3. You will need to email a picture of your driver’s license or other picture identification.

Credit-by-Examination- The Center for Educational Measurement at Excelsior College offers a cost-effective credit-by-examination (CBE) program that can help students achieve college credit.  With UExcel, students can prove their knowledge, gained through independent study or prior learning, by taking a proficiency exam.   When students pass these exams, they can earn college credit on a transcript from Excelsior College. 

 Additional Distance Learning classes will be offered, but not determined at the time of printing. Please look for an additional insert with descriptions.


Independent Study courses, often conducted with instructors as mentors, enable students to explore topics of interest, using advanced methods of inquiry and experimentation. These courses may be offered in conjunction with Science Research in the High School or may serve as an opportunity to explore a topic of special interest.

Independent study credit may be awarded for elective courses only and not for courses required for a Regents diploma; and that study must be academically rigorous and aligned to the NYS learning standards, overseen by a teacher knowledgeable and experienced in the subject area, based on a syllabus on file and of comparable scope and quality to classroom work that would have been done in school. There is an additional requirement that students may only earn a maximum of 3 units of elective credit through independent study. 

As per State regulations, Independent Study Courses are graded pass/fail only and not included in GPA or rank.

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