Advanced Placement Courses

A.P. refers to Advanced Placement. This is a program sponsored by the College Board’s Educational Testing Services.  Consisting of college-level courses and exams, AP courses give high school students the opportunity to receive advanced placements and/or credit in college. Each year certain AP courses are offered at Taconic Hills (see individual course descriptions). In May, AP exams are administered at our high school, participation in these exams is strongly encouraged as part of the course. The approximate fee for each examination is approximately $84; reduced fee waivers are available. Students should see their school counselor for more information. Many colleges have an established score level on the AP exam in order to receive credit. This score is usually from 3-5 on a scale of 1-5.

 Columbia-Greene Community College

Each year Taconic Hills offers qualified students an opportunity to earn college credit while in high school. Through an agreement with SUNY’s Columbia-Greene Community College, college credit courses are offered during the day within our high school program. Faculty members are  also members of the THHS Faculty. Qualified students register as “Early Admit” students with Columbia-Greene Community College (CGCC.), pay the course fee (approx. $189-$252) to CGCC and earn college credit upon successful completion of the course. TH Guidance office will assist with the registration.  Qualifications to register for a course as an “Early Admit” student are listed in the CGCC course catalog.  It is strongly recommended that “Early Admit” candidates carry a minimum average of 85 in the academic subject they wish to study. Students may enroll in up to three Columbia-Greene courses per semester (11 credits maximum).

 SUNY University in the High School Program

The University in High School Program is offered by SUNY University at Albany. This program allows high school students to earn college credit in advanced courses while they are finishing their regular courses in other subjects. Students take their college classes here at Taconic Hills. Students register for their courses online with SUNY Albany and pay a special reduced tuition of approximately $150 (’15-’16 rate).  Further fee reductions are available.  Please check with the course instructor.

 Early College Senior Study

This course of study allows students the opportunity to earn college credits during their senior year, to be a part of the college campus experience, and to develop an understanding of college-level expectations. Courses must be approved by school counselors and the principal, and should support students graduating on time. Enrollment in this program is for students of senior standing only.  The course work must meet the student's graduation requirement, i.e., English, Government, Economics, and Physical Education. Students must pay their own tuition. Dual enrollment in college and high school at the same time eliminates a student’s option of receiving any form of federal funding for college. Additionally, students enrolled in this course of study will not be able to be calculated into the final senior rank and GPA.


On July 1, 2014, the Taconic Hills Board of Education decided to offer a program with the goal of increasing student participation in college coursework and Advanced Placement level courses.  Students are able to receive full reimbursement of tuition fees and test fees for all college courses and AP exams taken during the current school year.  There is no maximum amount a student can apply for reimbursement for.  The following criteria must be met to receive the reimbursement:

  • Student must be a full-time student at Taconic Hills Central School District

  • Student must be in good standing, anticipating graduating on time, regularly follows the district’s Code of Conduct

  • Coursework must be taken through an accredited college

  • AP exams may be challenged with or without THCSD coursework completion

  • A minimum grade of 3.0 (B) for the course or 85% numerical grade must be achieved on the official college transcript.

  • A minimum score of 3 on the AP exam

  • Completion of the tuition/fee reimbursement application and submit with:

Þ An official transcript indicating grade received for the course (some colleges charge a nominal fee for an official transcript and must be requested directly from the student to the college) Columbia-Greene Transcript request form

Þ A letter or receipt noting proof of payment of the tuition or fee.  A copy of the paid tuition bill suffices.

Þ All deadlines must be met in order to receive reimbursement.

 Click here for TH reimbursement form