1. Student and/or parent-initiated schedule changes will be permitted until:

  • the 3rd full week of fall semester classes for full year courses, or fall semester courses

  • the 3rd full week of spring semester

  • in the case of a dropped class, after the 3rd full week, a “W” (withdraw) will appear on the student’s transcript as a grade

  • for a full year course, dropping in the 4th quarter not allowed

  1. In order to process a change, students must:

  • schedule an appointment with their counselor during the drop/add period

  • obtain written confirmation from a parent/guardian, i.e. email, Counseling Dept. form, handwritten letter.  All notes will be verbally confirmed

  • choose a substitute course, if one is available, for each   dropped course

  1. Final approval of a change is contingent upon whether the change: jeopardizes graduation, negatively affects the prospects of college admission, is logistically possible and does not negatively affect class sizes.

  1. Under no circumstances will schedules be adjusted to change teachers, change lunch periods (unless supported by medical documentation), change to a more convenient and/or desirable period, group friends together in the same class or to take a study hall.

  1. Changes in a student’s placement based on academic concerns that are recommended by administrators, teachers, and/or counselors may occur throughout the school year pending departmental approval.

  1. All students are expected to choose courses carefully during the course selection process. Schedules and course offerings are planned according to student requests and students are expected to abide by their choices.


 NOTE: If a course has a pre-requisite, it is listed under the course title.