The Board of Education of the Taconic Hills Central School District recognizes that regular school attendance is a major component of academic success and that the responsibility for ensuring that all students meet or exceed the NYS Learning Standards is shared by the student, the parent, and the school. Teachers must motivate their students to participate and curriculum must be interesting and relevant, however, good classroom attendance is an essential ingredient for learning to occur.  Classroom lessons and participation foster social interaction, development of effective communication skills and critical thinking. Any absence from class is therefore detrimental to the learning process.


Parents or legal guardians of students or eligible students may inspect  and review the student’s education records by contacting the current  school counselor or the Principal/Assistant Principal unless such access is specifically barred by State Law or court order or a legally binding instrument (Buckley Amendment). 

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Academic Intervention Services help students who are struggling to achieve the learning standards in English Language Arts and Mathematics in grades PK-12, and Social Studies and Science in grades 4-12.  These additional general education services include extra instructional time to help students achieve the learning standards in the subject areas requiring AIS, and support services to help students overcome barriers that are impacting their ability to learn, such as, attendance problems, family-related issues, discipline problems, and health related issues.  Support services could include school guidance and counseling services to improve attendance and coordination of services provided by other agencies.  Copies of the District Academic Intervention Services Plan are available from the High School Office and online:  Taconic Hills CSD Academic Intervention Plan