• Taconic Hills operates on a one-bell schedule. 

    By appointment or with notification, students may arrive early or stay after school for extra help, extracurricular activities, athletic events, or detention. Students should not arrive early or stay after school unless they are under the direct supervision of a teacher, administrator, or other staff member. All students are required to leave the school building/campus at the 2:36 pm dismissal unless they are engaged in an authorized school activity. 

    Junior/Senior High School Schedule
    8:00 am Students Depart Buses
    8:07-8:50 am Period 1
    8:53-9:33 am Period 2
    9:36-10:16 am Period 3
    10:19-10:59 am Period 4 Lunch/Study Hall
    11:02-11:21 am
    11:22-11:42 am
    Period 5a Lunch/Study Hall
    Period 5b Lunch/Study Hall
    11:45-12:04 pm
    12:05-12:25 pm
    Period 6a Lunch/Study Hall
    Period 6b Lunch/Study Hall
    12:28-12:47 pm
    12:48-1:08 pm
    Period 7a Lunch/Study Hall
    Period 7b Lunch/Study Hall
    1:11-1:51 pm Period 8
    1:54-2:36 pm Period 9
    2:40 pm All Buses Leave
    4:00 pm Late Activities Bus (M-Th)
    No 4:00 bus on Fridays
    5:15 pm Final Bus Leaves
    Drop-off Points Only (M-F)