• School Closings & Delays 

    Where do we communicate closings, delays and cancellations?

    District Protocols for Winter Weather Closings

    The Superintendent and our Transportation Supervisor consult weather forecasts, work in conjunction with local highway departments and transportation supervisors from other districts. Members of our transportation department check roads throughout the school district as conditions differ greatly from one area of the district to another. The final decision is made by the superintendent. 

    Our primary consideration is the safety and well-being of our students, taking into consideration:

    • Timing of the storm
    • Actual and forecasted temperatures
    • The progress of the crews working to clear the roads
    • Time needed to clear school roads and parking lots

    Delayed Openings

    The decision to delay is made when there is reason to believe that road conditions will improve over the 1-, 2- or 3-hour delay time. If a determination to delay is made and conditions do not improve substantially, the decision to close will be made and parents and other notifications will be made.

    Early Dismissal

    In the event of inclement weather that begins while school is in session, forecasts and radar are closely monitored to determine if conditions will worsen or improve by regular student dismissal time. We try to avoid early dismissals because of the significant inconvenience to parents. However, ensuring our students get home safely is of utmost importance and will be the determining factor in a decision to dismiss early. If school closes early, parents and the community will be notified in the same manner as a School Closing.

    Afterschool and Evening Activities

    When school is closed or if weather conditions force us to close schools early, all afterschool and evening activities are cancelled. If school dismisses at the regular time, and conditions warrant cancellation of afterschool and/or evening activities, a decision will be made by 2:00 p.m.

    Television and Radio Stations

    For web-based school closings, visit the Times Union's Closings Page or one of the TV station links below:

    The following stations will be notified if school is delayed in opening or closed for the day:

    WCTW (The CAT) 98.5 FM
    WDST 100.1 FM & 96.9 FM
    WFLY 92.3 FM
    WGY 810 AM
    WHUC 1230 AM
    WKZE 1020 AM / 98.1 FM
    WNYT TV Channel 13
    WPDH 101.5 FM & 106.1 FM
    WQQQ  103.3 FM
    WRGB 87.7 FM      TV Channel 6
    WRNN TV Channel 62
    WRRV 92.7 FM & 96.9 FM
    WRVE 99.5 FM
    WSBS 860 AM
    WTEN TV Channel 10
    WYJB 95.5 FM
    WXXA TV Channel 23
    WZCR 93.5 FM
    MIX 97 97.7 FM& 97.3 FM
    94.3 (The Wolf) 94.3 FM
    Radio Disney 1340 AM & 1390 AM
    Capital NewsChannel 9 Capital News 9


    Please listen to one of the above stations and do not call the school or the radio station. It is important that we keep our telephone lines open during busy, decision-making times. If you do not hear Taconic Hills mentioned on one of the above stations, you should assume that school is open for the day. 


    Important Information regarding the Before and After School Activity Program (Grades K-6)

    The Before and After School Activity Program is not open when school is closed.

    If the district is on a 1 hour delay, the Before and After Program opens at 8:00 AM.

    If the district is on a 2 hour delay, the program opens at 9:00 AM.

    When an emergency dismissal occurs or all after school activities are cancelled, so is the program. Students will be sent home on their regularly scheduled bus or to their emergency dismissal location.

    Questions can be directed to the Taconic Hills Before and After School Activity Program, or by contacting the Program Coordinator at (518) 325-2811.