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    College Application Checklist for Seniors 

    1. Research your Colleges
    • Perform a college search using Naviance (College Home page, on the left side click SuperMatch). After you conduct your college search add schools to the Colleges I’m Thinking about page (Once you find a school click the “heart” button on the top left near the school’s name)
    • Research information on majors, admission requirements, and testing requirements
    • Visit colleges in which you are interested in
    • Categorize schools you are applying to as “REACH”, “TARGET”, or “SAFETY SCHOOLS”
    • Speak to Admissions Counselors at each school you are interested in on the phone
    • Place colleges you are applying to within the Colleges tab in Naviance under “Colleges I’m Applying To” this keeps everything organized for you and lets Guidance know where you are planning to apply

    1. Resume/Letters of Recommendation
    • Develop your resume – having something you can hand Admissions Counselors during a meeting is important
    • Fill out your Senior Brag Sheet Survey (Click the About Me tab, My Surveys, and then select Surveys Not Yet Started)
    • Once you have done your Brag Sheet Survey, you may verbally ask teachers for letters of rec (2-3 Teachers is a good. Once they agree to write you a letter, officially invite them through Naviacne. Colleges tab, then click Apply to College, Letter of Recommendation). This will also allow your teachers view your Brag Sheet and write you a great Letter of Recommendation
    • Prepare your college essay. If your college is requiring an essay, look on the application for topics to write about. Read the prompts ahead of time so you can start brainstorming ideas and writing your rough draft.
    • Complete a rough draft of your essay and get it proofed by an English teacher

    1. SAT/ACT Test
    • Make a testing timeline if you plan on taking an SAT/ACT in the fall
    • If your college/program requires it, you may have to take SAT II subject test
    • Speak with you Guidance Counselor about what tests you should take and when you should take them
    • Remember – SAT/ACT SCORES ARE NOT SENT BY THE GUIDANCE OFFICE. Those scores must be sent to the colleges directly through the testing website

    • Familiarize yourself with applications by researching the application type your college prefers (Common App, SUNY app, Coalition…)
    • Multiple schools use the Common Application – Create an account and start the basic information
    • Gather up information such as your high school transcript, list of activates, test scores and parent information


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