• Laptop Troubleshooting



    Steps to Correct

    Lock Screen not Responding

    Ctrl+Alt+Delete will bring you back to the sign in page.

    Toolbar has disappeared in a Google Document

    Computer may be in Full Screen mode.  To get back, press Ctrl+Shift+F.  If this does not work, there should be a small carrot (^) in the upper right corner.  Try clicking on the carrot (^).

    Apps or Add-ons not loading or appearing on screen

    Check pop-up blocker.  Click to allow pop-ups on the computer. Then try loading app or add-ons again.

    Error Message:  “Your computer is running low on resources, so no new users can sign in.  Please use and account that has already been signed in.”

    This error message shows up when too many users have signed into the computer by using the “Switch User” option.  SHUT DOWN the computer. You may get a message informing you that certain programs are currently open, continue the SHUT DOWN.  Encourage all students to sign out completely when they are finished using laptops. Don’t close lid until completely logged off.

    Touch Pad not responding

    Many times this issue can be solved by simply shutting the laptop lid for a 10 seconds and then open again.  In some cases, the laptop will need to be shut down and restarted.

    Laptop does not connect to the internet or “no log-in servers available”

    Look at bottom right corner to find the WIFI icon.  If there is an asterisk (*), click on it and select THCSD SECURE wireless.  Or shut down laptop and restart.

    Adobe Flash player not responding on webpages

    Two browsers on laptop: Chrome and Internet Explorer.  Chrome will not play some, they will play on Internet Explorer.

    Screen is rotated 90 degrees

    Ctrl+Alt+Up/Down arrow

    Desktop is gone and just see apps

    Windows+A   - then take it out of tablet mode

    NEW! Chrome continues to close when opened Go to the upper right hand corner of your screen.  Look for the three vertical dots; select “remove this user” and re-log back into Chrome again.