Webquest Projects




1920 Stamps
(Davis, Byrne)



"Stamp"ing through the 1920's: 

"The '20s was an age of historic changes," said Postal Service governor Einar Dyhrkopp. "Through the use of very evocative illustrations and photography, these stamps portray the Roaring Twenties in dramatic fashion...

5th Grade Human Body Webquest
(Hunter, Davis)


5 - 6

You are  graduating from Harvard as a doctor  to work as a Research Scientist. In order to finish your education at this university, you need to research a disease or illness. To prove that you know your "stuff", you  need to create an informational advertisement  for a  medical  journal. Do you think you can graduate on time? It's up to you!

6th Grade Memory Project  (Ueland, Sigler)


5 - 6

The end of the year is rapidly approaching.  In the past, the 6th grade classes have created newsletters/class yearbooks that contained information, articles, pictures and surveys by students for students. - a keepsake.  With the digital age in full swing, you have been given the directive to take what was done in past years, and move it into the 21st century!



4 - 6

The THES Kid Powered News show is off and running.  A large part of running a news program is lining up commercials or advertisements that support the show.  Advertisements send very powerful messages, over and over again, depending upon how often you watch television or listen to the radio.

Ahoy, Me Matey!
(D'Amour, Ueland)


4 - 6

Well, shiver me timbers!  A pirate pal has just shown up at your favorite watering hole.  He tells you of his misfortune.  His ship was sunk off the coast of an island somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean.  He will give you his treasure map, for you are a true friend and he is on his last leg.  Alas, he has one request before turning over the map - he wants you create a compass rose in a design that would please him!

Animal Research Project


K - 2

This website will help your students research their special topics.  There are resources for them to gather information in the form of text, photos, and even video.

Ancient Egypt Museum
(Ueland, Davis, Hines)


5 - 6

You have been hired by the NYS Museum of Natural History to develop a floor in the museum that will be devoted to ancient Egypt.  Acting as a museum curator you will research ancient Egyptian artifacts and their history.  You will recreate the artifact to place in the museum...

Ancient Rome: A Virtual Field Trip
(Ueland, ?)


5 - 6

People of other cultures and times saw the world in a very different way from us. Wouldn't it be exciting if we could visit earlier times and experience life as it is described in our textbook? What if we could really see the Rome of Julius Caesar and the society in which those historical events occurred? How would that new knowledge contribute to our understanding ...

Archaeological Exploration
(Almstead, Ueland)


6 - 7

A nearby farm has just been sold to a developer who has plans to build a new shopping center.  Before the work can begin a team of archaeologists must to check the site and record any evidence left behind by people who lived there in the past. How do archaeologists explore and document past cultures?  Dig in to find out!

Architect Web Quest


High School

You, Sherlock Holmes, are investigating a conundrum.  The list of people below are all involved with each other in some manner.  Your job is to find the link!  Along the way, you will investigate one of the suspects listed below and compile a dossier on him or her.

Art Project


High School

Art History Library Research – Studio in Drawing and Painting:  Define the Art History Movement and how did the art of your art history movement influence the culture?

A Trip Across the USA
(Ueland, Schrader)



Your family recently decided they wanted to take a trip for summer vacation.  Of all the ideas that were presented, your family voted your idea the BEST one!  You suggested that your family take a trip across the United States and visit at least 3 different types of geography: mountain ranges, rivers, volcanoes, deserts, canyons, waterfalls, forests....

Body Systems
(Ueland, Davis, Mabb)


5 - 6

The year is 2022. You are a medical doctor who is Chief of Forensic Science Services at the New York Medical Center. You have been asked to come to the city and instruct the members of their new CSI Unit. The doctors and technicians you train will use their knowledge of the human body to solve crimes. Think you’re up to the job? Albany’s crime-stoppers are depending on you!

Brother, Can You Spare A Dime? (Ueland, Mabb)


5 - 6

"Woe is me!"  I've just found out I've lost all our money in the stockmarket crash.  The Sheriff will soon be pounding on our door, ready to throw us out onto the street.  He will take our home.  We have decided to hitch a ride in the back of someone's pickup and head west.  Where should we go?

Cold War Webquest
(Ueland, Davis, Byrne)


7 - 8

The 1950's saw the beginning of the Cold War.  Soldiers returning from World War II were settled and working.  Some were drafted to fight in Korea.  The atomic bomb, rather than "saving mankind" now posed an even bigger threat.  Russia and other communist countries had the bomb!  What were we to do?

Computers: Past, Present and Future


7 - 8

Computers International, a large computer manufacturing company, wants to do something NEW and EXCITING to attract new customers.  They received your resume and want to hire You!  Your responsibility as a new hiree, is to create a newsletter to promote exhibits in their recently built Computer Museum.

Computer Quest


5 - 8

Congratulations students! You are about to embark on a journey that will take you on a tour of a computer!  You will learn about essential components that comprise the computer system, what they do and how they work.  You will discover RAM and ROM, find out about CPUs, and learn about input and output devices.  Get ready and have FUN!

Costa Rica Webquest
(Garcia, Spada, Ueland)


High School

¡Felicitaciones! Uds. han logrado conseguir nuevos trabajos interesantes en el campo de turismoTrabajarán como guías para viajeros al exótico país de Costa Rica.

Creating the IvanCapp Monster
(Ueland, Mabb)


5 - 6

Lucky you!  Three other mad scientists will join together with you to create the ultimate IVAN CAPP monster. By visiting the assigned sites listed below, you’ll have the opportunity to watch movies, listen to songs, and read about the parts of speech.  Who knew learning could be so much fun? 

Famous! A Biography WebQuest
(Ueland, D'Amour)

neil armstron

5 - 6

Reading about famous people or animals can be very interesting and exciting.  What makes a person or animal famous?  What qualities do they have?  Are they risk takers or do they have very strong feelings?  What was their life like?  What are they known for?  Would you like to be famous?

Fresh and Fabulous Meal and Snack Choices

(Ueland, Hunter)


5 - 6

The students at Taconic Hills Middle School have been complaining for years about the food in the cafeteria.  The cafeteria supervisor has hired our class to help her create good, healthy, and appetizing meals and snacks for the school cafeteria. 

Fuel Cells


High School

A fuel cell is an electrochemical energy conversion device that converts hydrogen and oxygen into water, producing electricity and heat in the process. It is very much like a battery that can be recharged while you are drawing power from it. Instead of recharging using electricity, however, a fuel cell uses hydrogen and oxygen.

(Mabey, Davis)


7 - 8

This is an introduction to Geomagnetism.

(Ueland, McDonald)


5 - 6

It is the 1st century BC and Rome is in its glory!  The army has returned with many prisoners, including you.  Your spouse was left behind.  All of the prisoners were sold.  Some became slaves and some were sent to gladiator school for training.  Where will you end up?

Gods and Figures of Ancient Europe
(Ueland, Sigler)


5 - 6

As a famous archeologist, you have been asked to visit Greek and Roman sites from ancient Europe. While there, you discover an ancient text that contains information on many famous ancient Greek and Roman figures.  You realize you can become even more famous by writing biographies of these famous figures.

Grammar Clamor
(Ueland, Davis, Perry)


7 - 12

Hold onto your hats! You are in for the ride of your life!  You are about to embark on a journey into to the world of English grammar - the most feared place in school.  Using the links provided, you will discover the meaning behind and new uses for adjectives, adverbs, conjunctions, prepositions and more.  Stay tuned, and pay close attention...

Holiday Season Celebration
(Pewtherer, Davis, Ueland)



It's holiday time again!! This is your chance to discover how people in other countries celebrate the holiday season. The White House is planning an international holiday fest. You have been hired to represent  your chosen country at the White House. Congratulations and enjoy the holidays!!

Holocaust 2
(Arre, Davis)

anne frank


At a recent family reunion, you meet your great-grandfather. You didn't know that he was a soldier during  World War II. In fact, he was one of the soldiers who was present  when the concentration camps were liberated at the end of the war. As he described the sights that he saw, the people that he met, you can't believe what you're hearing! You're fascinated by his experience, and want to learn more for yourself.



High School

What would we do without our hormones!  Hormones regulate more than just our emotions and sexual characteristics, they regulate numerous body functions.  What would happen if a specific hormone happens to be secreted too much, too little, or stops completely?  You will see . . .

Human Population Growth

High School

In 1804 the human population of Earth reached 1 billion, it topped 2 billion by 1927, 3 billion by 1959, 4 billion in 1972 and 5 billion by the late 1980's.  On October 12th, 1999, the human population of Earth reached 6 billion.  We are now currently over 7 billion people on Earth.

Imperialism - The White Man's Burden
(Ueland, Thornton)


7 - 8

It is the end of the 19th century - there are 46 states,  only 10 miles of paved roads in the United States and people's life expectancy is around 46 years old.  You have just returned from work where you put in 59 hours this week and earned $12.98. You are sitting in your parlor reading the daily newspaper. Every day there is a new article in the newspaper.  You ponder - how would it feel to be ruled by a country other than my own?  Are the news reports telling the truth? What do we have to gain by expanding over seas?

Inventors Webquest (Powerpoint)


7 - 8

Can you imagine how it would feel to invent something?  Would your invention change the world as you know it?  How would your invention change daily life?  What qualities would you need to be able to invent something?



High School

  • Do you feel like you never have any money?
  • Are you running around in circles trying to figure out what to do?
  • Do you feel like you just don't know how to start to get a job?
  • Are you worried about filling out all those forms on your own?

Magical Mystery Tour
(Mabb, Ueland)


5 - 8

Have you ever wondered how magicians mesmerize you with their magic? What is the mystery behind their acts of illusion?  Wouldn't you just love to learn a trick or two?  What is the history of this mystery? How will this help my write a mystery story?

Memory Poem
(Heisey, Ueland)


High School

You are applying for a job with MTV.  They want you to be a teen spokesperson, promoting good lyrics.  To prove your mettle, you must first show that you understand poetry.  For your audition, you may select from below.

Mental Health
(Moore, Davis)



You are about to begin exploring the world of mental health. There are several assignments for you to do. Please click on the word "worksheet" above to print out a copy of the assignment, if you need it.  Not every answer will be on this page--some information you have learned in class.

Metrics in Motion
(Ueland, Davis, Hines)


5 - 8

As an astronaut, you are about to embark on a metric mission - a journey of discovery and intrigue.  You will be visiting different space stations where you will explore the metric system.  Can you imagine being able to change meters to centimeters just by multiplying by 100?  Put on your helmet, fasten your seatbelts, hang on, and let's go!  The countdown has begun....

Montreal Webquest


7 - 8

You are in charge of orienting an 8th grade tour group who will be visiting Montreal this spring.  They will be visiting various historical and cultural sites in the region.

Mumbet - Slavery and the Quest for Freedom
(Ueland, Beattie)


5 - 6

Sold!  Four letters that will change your life forever.  Your life is no longer your own.  You are now the personal property of a wealthy landowner and subject to his every whim.  What can be done to change this situation? You have no rights, or do you?

Music Mania: A Music Copyright Law Quest
(Prewitt, Ueland)

Music Notes

High School

Downloading copyrighted music from the Internet has been a source of controversy over the last few years.  Many people feel that it is their right to "share" the music with other Internet users, while the music industry believes that this is "stealing".

Myth Maker
(Ueland, McDonald)


5 - 6

Have you ever wondered how myths are made?  Why are some stories told over and over again, generation to generation?  What makes these stories so interesting?  Are they about heroes?  Are they about thrilling events?  Are they about the triumph of good over evil, modesty over pride?  Do they explain how or why things happen?  What is it that makes us want to retell the tale?

Native American Names
(Ueland, Pewtherer)



Have you ever wondered  how some of your  cities, towns, counties, and states were named?  Why did  the locals name  a town  Taghkanic? Or a county Otsego?  What do these names mean?  Where did they come from?   Many of our cities, towns, and counties are named after the Native American name for the area.  Iroquois and Algonquian Indians roamed the northeast before the European settlers came.  Some of their names stuck!

Non-Communicable Diseases
(Ueland, Davis, Oates, Stewart)


7 - 12

The Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta, Georgia has just been contacted by Washington, D.C.  Reports have been issued stating there has been a large increase in the number of cases of non-communicable diseases across the country.  You are a scientist working for the CDC and have been given the task of identifying a disease, stating the causes, describing the symptoms, and outlining a prescribed course of treatment. 

Nutrients Webquest


6 - 12

Nutrition began in the early 1900's with the discovery that certain foods "cured" many diseases. The foods were found to contain substances which were called vitamins. Vitamins and minerals are important parts of our diet and key to many processes taking place in your body. Vitamins and Minerals are called NUTRIENTS because they are essential to life. We cannot live without them.

On the Front - A WebQuest of WWI
(Ueland, Thornton)


7 - 8

You are a foreign correspondent for CNN News Service.  The editor is sending you to the front lines for live interviews, action shots and a report on the life experiences of soldiers on the front.

Political Cartoons of the American Revolutionary War
(Ueland, Thornton)


7 - 12

The Revolution is on it's way!  These 13 colonies need all the help they can get!  What's going on MUST get into the newspapers, so the populace can read about it; although, many are unable to read!  What about pictures?  A picture can tell a story.  People can then share the story with their friends and communities.

Political Cartoons of the Early 1900's

(Ueland, Thornton)

PA War

7 - 12

As an historian who has travelled back in time, you found a collection of drawings.  What are these drawings and what do they mean.  Could they have historical importance?  Do they really represent the opinions of the time? How can  you look at these and figure out what they mean?

Powerful Political Cartoons



7 - 12

As an historian who has travelled back in time, you found a collection of drawings.  What are these drawings and what do they mean.  Could they have historical importance?  Do they really represent the opinions of the time? How can  you look at these and figure out what they mean?

Public Art
(Ueland, Kalfus)


High School

Have you ever wondered who creates the sculptures you see in front of buildings?  Who creates works of art in parks?  How about the huge mobiles hanging in office lobbies?

These beautiful works of art are known as "Public Art."  Public Art is artwork created in any media set up or "staged" in a public area, usually outdoors....

Raking the Muck

Shrimp Pickers

High School

By the later part of the 19th Century America was plagued by a multitude of sociatal injustices.  These "social ills"  spawned an era known as Progressivism.  From the abuses of the working class and their poor working and living conditions, to the excesses of the wealthy, to the denial of women and minority rights the United States, many people demanded reform.  As the movement got underway, a newer and more investigative journalistic style known as muckraking emerged and exposed for the public many of our nation's problems.

Rome Webquest
(Moreinis, Hines, DiBenedetto)


5 - 6

Archaeology is learning about the past by digging up and studying the buried remains of people who lived a long time ago. These remains are called "artifacts", and can include buildings, tools, and pottery....Like Indiana Jones, you will be going on a virtual archaeological dig to search for and recover the artifacts of ancient Rome to sell in the new "Roamin' with the Romans" Skateboard/Tattoo shop in the Galleria Mall in Rome, Italy.

Shopping at La Mazon in Mexico
(Ueland, Bentivegna-Li)


7 - 8

You are planning your vacation to Mexico and need some clothes for your trip.  You want to blend in with the locals when you visit.  Luckily, you have found an on-line site for a popular Mexican department store.  What could be more fun than shopping?

Stolen Objects: A Search for American Indian Artifacts
(Ueland, Pizza)


4 - 5

Help!!!! The American Indian Museum was broken into last night. The museum's director has asked for your help in recovering lost items.  You will have a perilous journey across many states trying to locate the artifacts.  There will be various rewards for recovered items.  Good luck and be careful!

Styles of Architecture



An important client is considering hiring you to design the house of their dreams.  They are confused as to what style they would like the home to be.  To ensure that you are hired, you offer to make a presentation on different styles of architecture so that you may learn which style they like the most.

(Mabey, Davis)


7 - 8

Use the Internet resources listed with each question to track down the answers to the questions about tsunamis.



7 - 8

You are a world famous reporter for National Geographic magazine.  You will meet the wildest people, eat the most fantastic foods and get to meander around one of the most attractive places in the world while you report on the area's geography, culture, food, fun and school life.  You are traveling to Valencia, Spain....

Vertebrate Trail
(Mabb, Davis)


5 - 6

Grab yer hat and saddle the broncs! It's time to head down the Vertebrate Trail on a little adventure!  The purpose of this journey is for you to gather all the information you can about your assigned vertebrate. At the end of this information trail, you will need to whip up a wanted poster to share your findings with the other cowboys and cowgirls in your camp.

Where in the World are You?
(D'Amour, Ueland)


5 - 6

You are about to begin an adventure of a lifetime!  A rich uncle has decided he is going to pay for you to travel the world.  The only condition is that you will not know where you are going until you get there!  How can this be?  Your clever uncle has given you the longitude and latitude of the places you will visit.  You must be able to locate them on a map to show your pilot.  Once you arrive at each of your different destinations, your uncle would like you to send him a post card from each place that has a brief description about it.  Pack your bags, your pilot awaits your instructions.

World Religions


5 - 6

You've been hired by the President of the United States to head a special committee. There are six major religions in the world, and many definitions for the word "religion".  Your quest is to explore these religions in order to find the "secret key" to what we all have in common.  The President needs your help!!   The information needs to be presented at the next State of the Union Address, which is in two weeks.  Let's get moving!