Public Art
A WebQuest for HS Students
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Have you ever wondered who creates the sculptures you see in front of buildings?  Who creates works of art in parks?  How about the huge mobiles hanging in office lobbies?

These beautiful works of art are known as "Public Art."  Public Art is artwork created in any media set up or "staged" in a public area, usually outdoors and accessible by anyone.  Today, it can also refer to any art displayed in a public space, including buildings.  Wouldn't you like to be known as the artist who created the beautiful work in your local park?

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 You will need to research famous artists whose works are known in the world of public art.  Once you have researched their works, their media, and the locations, you will design your own artwork for a local public space.  Perhaps you would like to create a sculpture for the school.  What location would you use?  The entryway?  The quad?  The basketball courts?  The atrium?  How about at your local park?  Or in front of the town hall or town library?  You will select a specific location for you artwork.

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  1. Read through the resources listed below.  Fill in the table to answer the column  headings.
  2. Locate a site for your artwork.
  3. Discuss the location with your teacher.
  4. Use your imagination to design a work of art for your selected space.
  5. Make a sketch first.
  6. Once approved by your teacher, make a final rendering in pencil or paint.
  7. Have FUN!
  8. Be ready to share with your classmates.
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Claes Oldenburg spoon
Large Scale Works of Art
Selected Exhibitions
Images of Artwork
Louise Bourgeois bourgeois
Guide to Works of Art
Images of Artwork
Richard Serra serra
Titled Arc
Artist's Website
Images of Artwork
Donald Judd judd
Guide to Works of Art
Tate Exhibition
Images of Artwork
Nancy Holt holt
A Guide to Works of Art
Solar Rotary
Nancy Holt Information
Alexander Calder calder
An American Master
A Guide to Works of Art
A Virtual Tour
Images of Artwork
Cristo christo
The Wall
Artist's Website
Robert Smithson
Art Omi Omi
Art Omi Home Page
Storm King Storm King
Storm King Home Page
Dia Beacon beacon
Dia Beacon Home Page

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You will be assessed on:
Public Artist Extraordinaire
Up and Coming Public Artist
Starving Artist
Worksheet was neat and complete
Worksheet was neat but was missing some important details
Attempted to fill out worksheet
Editing and Proof Reading
Shows evidence of Proof Reading and Editing; no errors present
Shows evidence of Proof Reading and Editing; few errors present i fourgott to editt my misstakes
Sketch is comprehensive, accurate and well designed
Sketch is finished, but some important details were left out
Sketch is incomplete or had many errors
Art Project - Final Rendering
Design was well thought out; location was excellent choice for design
Design was thought out; location was good choice for design What were you thinking?  Is there a Design? Location was poor choice for design
Presentation was excellent; voice could be heard by all; added more detail while speaking
Presentation was good; voice needs to be louder or read off of the presentation; no additional information added
We have to present this?

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 Who knows where your future will take you.  Perhaps one day, you too will be a famous artist whose works will be viewed with pleasure by the public!

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Teacher Info:
This WebQuest was created as a collaboration between the Technology and Art Department at Taconic Hills Middle School.  The WebQuest was designed by Mrs. Ueland (Computer Technology Teacher, Lead Tech Facilitator) based upon a lesson plan from Mrs. Kalfus and Ms. Prada  (HS Art Teacher).

For more information, e-mail
Mrs. Ueland
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