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The Progressive Era: Resources

General information:
U.S. Progressive Era Outline l900-1920 (a great place to start)
America in the l890's ---A Chronology

Progressive Era (l900-l917)

The Guilded Age and Progressive Era

Industrialization and the Progressive Era

Progressive Era-The Learning Page

Who's Who in American Hy.

American History Search Engines--research sites

U.S. History Topics

Historical Text Archive

20th Century Cultural History

American Memory


Muckrakers-The Columbia Encyclopedia

Treaties and Acts of Congress


Upton Sinclair
Jacob Reiss

Ida Tarbell

Topics and Web-Sources


Labor related issue of era
Coal Mining

Anthracite Coal Strike

Economic Growth in the Guilded Age

Struggles for Labor

Rise of Industrialization

History of Labor and Management

Coal Strike Cartoons


Women's issues

Women's Day March l915
Women and Social Movements

Links to Women's Issues

American Women

Suffragette's Parade

Jane Addams


W.E.B and Booker T.
African American Women

Lynchings and Ida B. Wells

African American History Time Line

Niagara Movement

African American and Progressivism l900 Events


Child Labor
The Bitter Cry of Children

Home Work in the Tenements

On the Lower East Side
Tenament History


History of Immigration
Immigrants and Immigration

Living Conditions for Immigrants


Corruption in U.S. Senate- Phillips, David
Boss Tweed
Tammany Hall
"Fighting Bob"
Corruption in Pittsburg
Teddy R.
William H. Taft
Woodrow Wilson

Big Business
The Lords of Industry
Competition v. Monopoly

Public Health
Patent Medicines
Harrison Narcotics Act