Metrics in Motion
A WebQuest for 5th and 6th Grade students
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People use measurements every day. Measurements can be so confusing - but, metric measuring can be fun!  The metric system uses base 10.  What could be easier?  You have 10 fingers and 10 toes! 

As an astronaut, you are about to embark on a metric mission - a journey of discovery and intrigue.  You will be visiting different space stations where you will explore the metric system.  Can you imagine being able to change meters to centimeters just by multiplying by 100?  Put on your helmet, fasten your seatbelts, hang on, and let's go!  The countdown has begun....


shuttle launch

Space station You will rotate through the different metric space stations where you will explore the "Metric System".  You will learn about its history, how to convert from the English measuring system to the Metric system, which units are for what type of measuring, and more!  You will visit the different sites below to discover information and to fill out your mission worksheets.

At each space station, you will be required to complete an activity.  The activity will be placed into your metric system portfolio and when completed, turned into your commander for evaluation.

space station

  1. Your commander will give each of you a "Mission Portfolio" before you begin.  You will store your mission worksheets in this folder.
  2. Your commander will break you into groups.
  3. Each group will be assigned a "station" to begin.
  4. When your commander tells you, you will rotate to the next station in the list below.
  5. At each station, you are required to visit ALL sites and complete any activity or worksheet provided.  Remember to put your name and date on all work.
  6. At each station, place your completed work into your Mission Portfolio.  This will be turned into your commander at the end of your mission.
  7. The last station you visit, contains a final worksheet you will be graded on.  Remember to complete it using the information you learned on your journey.
  8. Remember - Click Here.  Pay attention to details and read all directions before beginning.  Ask your commander if you have any questions.


Station 1:
The Metric System
space 1
Using the links below, answer the questions on the worksheet:
Article on Metric System
The History
All you need to know about the Metric System

Print the page listed below:
List of Metric Measurements
Station 2:
Learn about Metric Prefixes

space 2
Using the links below, answer the questions on the worksheet:
Station 3:
Multiplication Factors
space 3
Complete the activity using the link below:

Station 4:
space 4
Read about volume:
Volume 1
Volume 2

Using the manipulatives set up at your station, measure and make notes according to your commander's instructions.
Station 5:
space 5
Learn this rhyme:
30 is hot.
20 is nice.
10 put a coat on,
0 is ice!
Using the information below, what do each of the Celsius  temperatures represent in Fahrenheit?  Write your answers down and place in your Mission Portfolio.

Station 6:
moon walk
Visit the sites below.  Using the information you read about, calculate the area of the objects listed.  Follow your commander's directions.  Write your answers on the paper provided and place in your Mission Portfolio.

Station 7:

warp speed

Visit the sites below.  Using the information you read about, measure the objects located at your station.  Follow your commander's directions.  Write your answers on the paper provided and place in your Mission Portfolio.

Info on Length
Station 8:
space station
Info on Weight
Station 9:
Station 10:
Create a metric ruler
warp 2
Cut out and put together this metric ruler.  Use it to measure the different objects your commander has placed at this station.  Write your answers on the sheet provided by your commander.  Remember to place it in your Mission Portfolio.

Metric Ruler
Station 11:
Create a metric pyramid
circle planet in ship
Cut out and put together this metric pyramid.  Keep it handy!

pyramid handout
Station 12:
Fun Stuff
astronaut flip
Station 13:
Metric to English Conversion
space sign
Conversion Chart
Metric Conversion Card
NIST MEtric Conversion Tables
On-Line Conversion  Program
Station 14:
Visualize Metric Measurements
space ship
Common items in metric measurement
Final Frontier:
shuttle lands
While you are getting ready to answer the questions, keep this in mind - Click Here


Commander Patch
Space Cadet
Astronaut in Training
Astronaut Pilot
Commander of the Shuttle
Team Work
You need to participate more
You participated when called upon; occassionally you volunteered
You participated whole heartedly
You participated whole heartedly and occassionally led the group You demonstrated leadership
Grammar and Spelling
You need to work on your spelling and grammar
Grammar and Spelling errors present
Grammar or Spelling errors present 1 Grammar or Spelling error present
No errors present
Incomplete, missing worksheets, missing labels and dates - Organization skills need work
Incomplete, missing > 1 worksheet and most, worksheets are labeled with your name and date Incomplete, missing 1 worksheet, worksheets are labeled with your name and date
Complete; worksheets missing name or date
Complete; each worksheet is labeled with your name and date
Quality of Work
64% or less correct
65% to74% correct 75% to 84% correct 85% to 94% correct 95 to 100% correct
Turned in Late
N/A N/A Turned in on time
Assessment Grade
64% or less correct
65% to74% correct 75% to 84% correct 85% to 94% correct 95 to 100% correct
Total Points

Congratulations, you have completed your mission!  Hopefully the ride was smooth and you didn't let the little bumps get in the way.  Now you have the necessary information to convert within the metric system and you know that you will need to wear your winter gear if the temperature is 0 C. 

You can impress others by using terms like "Deka" and "Yotta" and you even know what they mean!  You will find this information handy when you learn more about computers.

Look at food containers in your home.  You will be amazed at how many have their weight or volume listed in metric units.  You are armed with valuable information - go out there and use it!

Teacher Tools

Now that your astronauts have completed their mission, you may want them to bake metric Chocolate Chip Cookies - they are out of this world!

Click on  image for recipe!

Teacher Information
This WebQuest was created as a collaboration between the Technology, Library Media and Mathematics Departments at Taconic Hills Middle School.  The WebQuest was designed by Mrs. Ueland (Computer Technology Teacher, Tech Specialist) with assistance from Mrs. Davis (Library Media Specialist) based upon a lesson plan from Mrs. Hines (Math Teacher).

This WebQuest was created to be used in a 5th and 6th grade NYS Math class or as a metric review in 7th grade.  The topics covered are inline with NYS  Math and Technology standards.

For more information, e-mail
Mrs. Ueland.

Works Cited
space ship

space ship

Foresman, Scott and Addison Wesley. (2004). NYS Mathematics. New York : Pearson.



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