Mental Health
A Worksheet and a Webquest

    You are about to begin exploring the world of mental health. There are several assignments for you to do. Please click on the word "worksheet" above to print out a copy of the assignment, if you need it.  Not every answer will be on this page--some information you have learned in class.

Mental Health Professions
A licensed physician who can prescibe medication, and can have people admitted to hospitals.
psychologist Psychologist
 Health professional who has a Ph.D. in Counseling or clinical psychology. They are trained in various types of therapy. Can do individual and group counseling  sessions. Can specialize in family and/or sexual counseling.
Social Worker
Health professional who has a Masters' Degree. A profession or work of providing people in need with social services.
Health professional with a Master's Degree in counseling or psychology. Advisor on personal problems.Somebody who helps others with personal, social, or psychological problems.

Now you are going to learn about 2 types of  mental illnesses: ANXIETY DISORDERS and MOOD DISORDERS. Please click on the links for each disorder, then answer the questions about it on your worksheet.

A group of illness that have in common persistant feelings of tension, uneasiness, or apprehension, plus physical symptoms.

General Anxiety Disorder
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder


A disorder in which a person undergoes mood changes that seem inappropriate or extreme.

BiPolar (or Manic Depressive ) Disorder
Seasonal Affective Disorder

Case Studies
Assume that you are one of the health professionals described above. Choose 4 of the following Case Studies and diagnose the patient. Choose 2 from Case Studies 1-4, and 2 more from Case Studies 5-8. See the form on the worksheet for complete instructions.

Case Study # 1
Case Study #  2
Case Study # 3
Case Study # 4
Case Study # 5
Case Study # 6
Case Study # 7
Case Study # 8

Mental Health Webquest
     Please do the following assignment on a separate paper. All instructions are included in the box below.


       Based on what you've learned so far, and the information provided in these websites, write your own case study. The subject of the case study can be a friend or a relative. You choose the disorder, either an anxiety or mood disorder,  create a medical situation, and some possible solutions to help the person.

       Your case study should be 3 paragraphs long, size 12 font, double-spaced, or it can be neatly handwritten. Your name, the date you do the paper, and your class period should be in a heading at the top of the paper.  The first paragragh will be a description of the person in the case study. Remember--only use the person's first name. Provide a description of their behavior, and it must be consistent with their disorder. The second paragraph will be a description of their disorder, and it should match up with their behavior. The third paragraph will be a plan to help the person--the type of health professional they should visit and possible steps to take to help the person in the case study.
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