Creating the
Ivan Capp Monster

A Middle School 5th and 6th Grade
Grammar WebQuest


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Grammar doesn’t need to be a “monster-ous” chore to learn!

Using the very cool links provided, you will discover the parts of speech – and create an original monster in the process.


Lucky you!  Three other mad scientists will join together with you to create the ultimate IVAN CAPP monster. By visiting the assigned sites listed below, you’ll have the opportunity to watch movies, listen to songs, and read about the parts of speech.  Who knew learning could be so much fun?  You’ll share what you have learned with your group. Then, you will retreat to your laboratory to create an amazing – and grammatically correct – IVAN CAPP monster. 



1.  The most successful mad scientists read through all the instructions first, and ask questions when they don’t understand!

2.  Your teacher will assign you to a mad laboratory group of four.

3.  Each mad scientist will be assigned two parts of speech (Interjection, Verb, Adverb, Noun, Conjunction, Adjective, Pronoun, or Preposition).

4.  Each mad scientist will visit at least two sites listed for their part of speech, using the Resources Section listed below.

5.  Mad scientists will take notes and list the URL sites that were visited (use the notetaking form).

6.  Notes will be turned in and checked by a teacher.  A copy of references will also be handed in.  If you are unsure how to cite your references, click on this link (Works Cited Lesson).

7.  Each group will discuss what was learned by conducting a “teachback”.  Mad scientists will take turns naming their part of speech, defining it for the group, and giving three examples.

8.  Then, the mad scientists will create an IVAN CAPP monster together, using their knowledge, creativity, and poster paper.  This will be accomplished by:







Adjective Video Lesson
Adjective Song
What is an Adjective?
Read About Adjectives
Basic Rules

Adverbs   What is an Adverb Video
Adverb Song
Adverb Video
What is an Adverb?
Basic Rules
More Adverb Rules

Conjunctions   Conjunction Video
Conjunction Video 2
Conjunction Song
What is a Conjunction?
Read About Conjunctions
Conjunction Rules
Interjection Video
Interjection Song
What is an Interjection?
Noun Video
What is a  Noun?
All About Nouns
Proper Nouns
Preposition Video
Preposition Video 2
Preposition Song
What is a Preposition?
Read About Prepositions
Pronouns Personal Pronoun Video
Pronoun  Video Lesson
What is a Pronoun?
Pronoun Rules
Possessive Pronouns
Pronouns with Than or As
Indefinite Pronouns
Verb Function Video
What is a Verb?
Verb Song
Verb Movie
Read About Verbs
Subject Verb Agreement Movie

Parts of Speech Notes




Happy Scientist

Mad Scientist

You are so mad, Frankenstein wants to meet you!


Some notes, many spelling errors, neatness counts!

Many notes, few spelling errors, neatly written

Notes are comprehensive, no spelling errors, neatly written


You tried!

Good job!

Wow! Where did you get your teaching degree?

Monster Poster

Missing or incorrect part of speech, definition, or three examples

Good job, could have been more comprehensive

Artistic, creative, information presented neatly and thoroughly

Overall Effort

Good try!

Good job, you did it!

Super job, congratulations!



Congratulations!  You have created your very own IVAN CAPP monster and are the envy of mad scientists everywhere.  Learning about grammar doesn’t need to be a “monster-ous” chore.  Remember, don’t get MAD about grammar, get smart!


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Teacher Information:

teacher This WebQuest was created as a collaboration between the Technology and English Departments at Taconic Hills Middle School.  The WebQuest was designed by Mrs. Ueland (Computer Technology Teacher, Tech Specialist) based upon a lesson plan from Mrs. Mabb (6th Grade Teacher).

This WebQuest was created to be used in a 5th and 6th grade NYS English class.  The topics covered are inline with NYS  English and Technology standards.

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