A Native American Indian
A WebQuest for MS Students

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You are a ......
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 You decide!  Remember, The names of Indians were denoted by natural objects, birds, animals, etc.,

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  1. Read t
  2. Look
  3. Use
  4. Fill
  5. Write
  6. Create a PowerPoint Presentation based on your
  7. The presentation must be at least 7 slides long.  Remember that in a PPT presentation, you do NOT use paragraphs.  You will need to be able to tell your story using the presentation as a GUIDE.
  8. Add drawings to your slideshow.  Use the drawing tools to create your images.  NO CLIP ART!!!!!
  9. Have FUN!
  10. Be ready to present to your classmates.

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The following moons, or months, are those adopted by the American Indian Association after careful study, and are approved as being most nearly correct by Dr. Charles Eastman, Strong Wolf, Running Bear and other prominent Indians.

Where two or more names are given for the same month, we have selected the one which can be gestured and pictured most easily, and is most generally used.

JANUARY. Snow Moon (or Cold Moon), make signs for MOON and SNOW.

FEBRUARY.  Hunger Moon; make signs for MOON and HUNGRY.

MARCH.  Crow Moon (Awaking Moon or Warm Moon); make signs for MOON, BIRD and BLACK.

APRIL.  Grass Moon (Geese Moon); make signs for MOON and GRASS.

MAY.  Planting Moon (Flower Moon); make signs for MOON, DIG and GROW.

JUNE.  Rose Moon (Buck Moon); make signs for MOON and ROSE.

JULY.  Heat Moon (Blood Moon); make signs for MOON, SUN and HOT.

AUGUST.  Thunder Moon (Sturgeon Moon); make signs for MOON and THUNDER.

SEPTEMBER.  Hunting Moon (Corn Festival Moon); make signs for MOON and HUNT.

OCTOBER.  Falling Leaf Moon (Traveling Moon); make signs for MOON and LEAF, with a falling motion.

NOVEMBER.  Beaver Moon (Mad Moon); make signs for MOON and BEAVER.

DECEMBER. Long Night Moon; make signs for MOON, NIGHT, and LONG TIME.

NOTE: The meaning and derivation

Longfellow was deeply interested in pictography, and gave the best and briefest description of nine symbols that has ever been compiled.  It is given in the following verse from Hiawatha. 

For the earth he drew a straight line,
For the sky a bow above it;
White the space between for day-time,
Filled with little stars for night-time;
On the left a point for sunrise,
On the right a point for sunset,
On the top a point for noontide,
And for rain and cloudy weather
Waving lines descending from it.



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You will be assessed on:
Myth Maker Extraordinaire
Tall Tale Teller
Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire
Information was comprehensive and accurate
Information was accurate but some important details were missing
Information was incomplete or had many errors.
PowerPoint is comprehensive, accurate and well designed
PowerPoint is finished, but some important details were left out
PowerPoint is incomplete or had many errors
Worksheet was neat and complete
Worksheet was neat but was missing some important details
Attempted to fill out worksheet
Editing and Proof Reading
Shows evidence of Proof Reading and Editing; no errors present
Shows evidence of Proof Reading and Editing; few errors present i fourgott to editt my misstakes
Presentation was excellent; voice could be heard by all; added more detail while speaking
Presentation was good; voice needs to be louder or read off of the presentation; no additional information added
We have to present this?

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 Sometimes it is on purpose, sometimes it is not. You have no worries.  Y

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Teacher Info:

This WebQuest was created as a collaboration between the Technology, ELA,  and Social Studies Departments at Taconic Hills Middle School.  The WebQuest was designed by Mrs. Ueland (Computer Technology Teacher, Lead Tech Facilitator) based upon a lesson plan from Mr. McDonald  (6th Grade Teacher).

This WebQuest was created to be used in a 6th grade class.  The topics covered are inline with  NYS ELA , NYS  Social Studies and Technology standards.

For more information, e-mail
Mrs. Ueland
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