The Human Body
A WebQuest for Middle School
Science Students
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The year is 2022. You are a medical doctor who is Chief of Forensic Science Services at the New York Medical Center. You have been asked by the city of Albany, New York to come to the city and instruct the members of their new Crime Scene Investigation Unit. The doctors and technicians you train will use their knowledge of the human body to solve crimes. Think you’re up to the job? Albany’s crime-stoppers are depending on you!


Your mission is to create a web page on a body system, such as the skin, the skeleton, the circulatory system, or the brain and nervous system. Using this web page as a starting point for an oral presentation, you will teach doctors and technicians about the body system.


  1. Your teacher will assign a body system to you.
  2. Working with a partner, you will build a web page  about your assigned body system. One person will be the scientist (person who gathers information), and other will be the photographer (person who gathers visual information).
  3. Your page must include the following information:
    • Title of web page = name of body system
    • A description of where in the body your system is located
    • The function or purpose of your system in the body
    • The components (organs or parts) of your system
    • How the components work together (if appropriate)
    • Pictures, diagrams, or graphics of your body system
    • What can happen if your system malfunctions?
    • What are some diseases that can occur in your body system?
  4. As you are working on your page with your partner, you will save all your work under 1 person’s name in the X drive (X drive: A safe place: etc… ). This will allow both of you to contribute to the page.
  5. When the page is completed, your teacher will review it. At the bottom of your presentation will be a bibliography.
  6. Using a computer projector, you and your partner will teach a class in a 5-minute presentation about your body system.

Click on a body part to locate the resources associated with that system (the cursor will change to a hand with a pointing finger).



Digestive System Reproductive System Muscle System Bone System Skin Circulatory System Respiratory System Nervous System


You will be assessed on..



Lab Worker


Crime Scene Investigator


Chief of Forensics

Content No presentation given or product produced. Information was incomplete or contained many errors. Information was complete and accurate.  All major aspects of the subject addressed. Information is comprehensive and worthwhile without being overly long.  Subject was explained in detail.
Design No presentation given or product produced. Visuals/handout were laid out in a confusing manner.  Colors or images were inappropriate. Visuals/handout were laid out well with appropriate color and images. Visuals/handout display an exciting and interesting design with pleasing colors and images that contribute to understanding.
Mechanics No presentation given or product produced. Confusing or difficult to follow. Visuals/ handout contained many errors in grammar and/or spelling. Presentation and visuals/handout were clear and interesting with few errors. Easily understandable and interesting presentation.  Visuals/handout contained no errors.
Organization No presentation given or product produced. Presentation was haphazard and confusing.  Little or no print materials or presentation aids used. Presentation was moderately well planned.  Reasonable conclusions offered.  Adequate visuals/ handout. Presentation was planned in a logical manner.  Explanations and reasons given for conclusions.  Print materials and presentation aids useful for others.
Delivery No presentation given or product produced. Presentation was not rehearsed.  Presenters were confused and difficult to understand. Presentation was rehearsed.  Presenters shared tasks and were understandable. Presentation was well rehearsed and coherent.  Presenters shared tasks equally.
Performance Was not able or was rarely able to problem solve. Required a great deal of assistance to complete the task. Was sometimes able to problem solve.  Required considerable assistance to complete the task. Was usually able to problem solve.  Required little assistance to complete the task. Was always able to problems solve.  Required very little to no assistance to complete the task.
Group Participation Contributed very little to help the team’s mission. Contributed some to help the team’s mission. Contributed to help the team’s mission. Contributed a lot to help the team’s mission.
PROJECT SCORE: ___________


Your work in Albany is done! You’ve instructed your fellow doctors and medical technicians about how body systems work.  Using the information you’ve taught them, they can solve crimes using their knowledge of the human body. Now you can return to your job as Chief of Forensic Services at the busiest medical center in the world, in New York City.


Teacher Information:

This WebQuest was created as a collaboration between the Technology, Library Media and Science Departments at Taconic Hills Middle School.  The WebQuest was designed by Mrs. Ueland (Computer Technology Teacher, Tech Specialist) and Mrs. Davis (Library Media Specialist).  It was based upon a lesson plan from Mrs. Mabb (Science Teacher).

This WebQuest was created to be used in a 5th and 6th grade NYS Science class.  The topics covered are in line with NYS Math, Science & Technology standards.

For more information, e-mail Mrs. Ueland.


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